The newest phrase on the street for home improvement is “garage enhancement,” and it is a great way to add to your equity without buying or building a new home. Interestingly, most of us don’t think of our garages very much. In fact, many of us don’t think of them as an asset at all.

Research shows that many home sellers and even salespeople for new residential developments do not show the garage to potential buyers. Typically a garage comprises 20 to 30 percent of the footprint of the structure, so to not have any value-adding design to such a large area is very surprising.


Perhaps this is because the garage has historically been an empty shell of four walls and a concrete floor. You are lucky if you have drywall, let alone painted walls in yours. With a garage enhancement, much value can be added — and seen aesthetically, felt ergonomically and realized financially.

More times than not, potential home buyers will see a finished garage or ‘enhanced garage’ and choose to buy that property over a property without a garage enhancement. Not only does a garage enhancement increase the value of your property, but it can be an asset to your daily life as well.

A garage remodel can create a place with workbenches and hanging tool storage to efficiently work on hobbies, mechanics and home projects. It also can feature attractive cabinets, flooring that’s easy-to-clean and additional storage. An enhanced garage can even be used for overflow entertaining during the holidays and family gatherings.


To many of us, it seems that our garages have turned into mismanaged and disorganized storage units that are conveniently located close to home.

Think of a functional garage with an attractive garage floor that is easy to clean and maintain, and leaves you worry-free from stains, unsightly rough concrete, cracks and oil stains. Now imagine that you can have this revolutionary new system installed in just one day with a manufacturer’s material lifetime warranty not to peel or delaminate. Then, imagine it completely organized with ergonomic custom cabinets, workbenches or even an entertainment system or bar to suit your individual needs.

Lokahi Garage Experts’ products are proudly made in the U.S. and are the most durable coatings and cabinet systems in the industry — so much so that Lokahi Garage Experts epoxy coatings and cabinets come with lifetime material warranties.


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