Make Your Tub Look Like New Again

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December 23, 2012


There was a time when a bathtub in a home was considered an item of luxury. But today, a bathtub is the centerpiece of most bathrooms and an important part of our way of life — so much so that many homes have more than one.

Apart from being a highly effective way for you to get clean, a bathtub makes for a wonderful place to relax. By luxuriating in a tub with hot water, you can literally soak your worries away, not to mention the various aches and pains in your body.

So what can you do if an old friend like this becomes old and worn? Call Al Fernandez of Al’s Bathtub Refinishing. Most people dread the day when they have to decide what to do about their old bathtub. If you watch any home improvement television show, the host will simply replace the bathtubs when renovating bathrooms.

There is nothing wrong with that, if you have the money. That’s where you have to be careful in assessing your options. Buying a new bathtub is a classic “buyer beware” situation.

You can walk into any store that sells bathtubs and see many for less than $300. This will lead you to believe it is not expensive to replace your old tub. What you don’t consider, however, are the hidden costs that can burst your budget. Along with the cost of the bathtub itself, you also need to consider the cost of a contractor, demolition, removal, tilers and a plumber.



Suddenly, instead of paying just $300 to get a new bathtub, the total bill becomes $3,000 or more. And if things don’t go smoothly, there can be additional budget busters.

What can you do if you are working with a limited budget? Believe it or not, there is another option. Look into refinishing your bathtub instead of replacing it. The cost savings could be significant — up to 75 percent less — and it can be done in your home in less than one day. Fernandez can make your old, worn-out bathtub shine like new again. His company can repair all the chips and cracks in your tub, give it a new surface and even change its color to match the decor of your bathroom.

With 20 years of experience in Hawaii, Al’s Bathtub Refinishing can do it all: fiber-glass, ceramic tile, countertops, porcelain and more. It also can do spot repairs on rusty old tubs and cracked fiberglass tubs, or do chip repairs on brand-new tubs.

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