While luxury vinyl tile products are quickly gaining popularity as a flooring option, Karndean offers a one-of-a-kind model that boasts ease of installation, simple maintenance and a look that rivals most solid wood floors.

American Carpet One is proud to feature Karndean LooseLay luxury vinyl tile, a product that offers a quick and easy installation without the expense and mess of glue-down alternatives. The flooring system is suitable for both residential and commercial applications, and utilizes a plasticized backing that creates a bond with friction, which eliminates the need for any adhesive. The Karndean flooring planks are much thicker and wider than competing products, making for more stability and a quieter sound when walked upon.

“It’s much more easily done for do-it-yourself installers, and much less expensive to install,” said Danette Hoe, Sales Trainer and Flooring Specialist at American Carpet One. “The backing of the plank creates a bond with the subfloor, and when you push the planks together, they actually create suction, which allows them to grab one another without shifting around. And, you’re still able to mop and clean the floor without worrying about dirt falling in between the planks.”


The product was recently selected as one of Building Magazine’s top money-saving products and was featured on the Today Show. Karndean is referred to as the “Perfect Floor,” stemming from its ease of installation and maintenance while still providing home and business owners with the look of a solid wood floor. Hoe explained that most people are originally drawn to wood flooring because of its natural beauty, but are soon disappointed by constant care and upkeep associated with maintaining the floor.

“Karndean really does fall into that ‘Perfect Floor’ category because the product allows you to live on it,” Hoe said.

The LooseLay vinyl tiles come in six different colors and styles that replicate the look of wood, and four additional tile colors. Hoe explained that installers can get creative with mixing and matching different patterns to create a “Herring Bone” or “Brick Lay” effect — not just a random stagger. Because there’s no glue involved, the tiles can be picked up and reapplied to ensure that the installation pattern is to one’s liking.


“Another great application for it is when you need to have access to the subfloor, such as an enclosed patio with an exposed drain, or commercially, if there are exposed wires or storage under a false floor,” said Hoe of the LooseLay product’s versatility. “This allows you to put something down and pick it back up.”

The Karndean vinyl tiles also make it easy for both contractors and do-it-yourselfers to install over an existing hard surface, including vinyl, linoleum and tile. The LooseLay tiles also come with a limited lifetime warranty for residential applications and a 10-year warranty on commercial jobs. Hoe also explained that the flooring option adapts well to Hawaii’s humid climate, and is more dimensionally stable as opposed to laminate or wood that tends to ripple or buckle as the air causes it to expand and contract.

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