Homeowners today are looking for cost-effective ways to increase the amount of usable space in their existing home. When you can’t afford to lose the space that a swinging door takes up, install a door-in-the-wall with the Johnson Pocket Door Frame. A standard swinging door takes up to 14 square feet around an entry. Pocket doors use no floor space around an entry — in effect, giving you bigger rooms and hallways. With the swinging door out of the way, homeowners can put tables, credenzas and even shelving along the wall where the door use to be.

Whether putting in converging doors-in-the-wall to make a grand entrance into a dining room or when you just need a single unit to save space in a den, you can get Johnson Pocket Door Frames to fit doors up to 5 feet wide by 9 feet high. Heavy duty frames support doors up to 300 pounds.


For years of maintenance-free, smooth operation, the Johnson Pocket Door Frame is designed to eliminate the problems traditionally associated with a door-in-the-wall. The track’s box shape and convex rails make it impossible for hanger wheels to jump off. Special keyhole slots allow you to remove the track easily without tearing out a wall. With Johnson’s unique hanger clip system, you can remove the door for painting after the drywall and trim are in place.

You can put in a pocket door frame with basic hand tools. The Pocket Door Frame comes with all hardware components including a pre-assembled track and header — all you supply is the door.

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This article is courtesy of Home Improvement News and Information Center.