How the Makai windows and doors came to be state-of-the-art products made just for Hawaii

Prior to 2008, all windows sold in Hawaii were designed and built on the Mainland and were less than ideal for use on the Islands. The Makai range of windows, developed by Discount Windows & Doors, is the only window specifically designed for Hawaii. Unlike the Makai range, vinyl frames on regular windows frequently yellow or become brittle with age, and the thickness of glass used is woefully inadequate for use in a hurricane zone. Further, not one company has previously utilized 100 percent stainless steel hardware in its windows, screens tend to be poorly designed and thermal efficiency is something used on a freezer — not a window.

In 2008, all of that changed. Using state-of-the-art technology, Discount Windows & Doors developed a window system designed for the 21st century and beyond — the Makai series of windows and doors. The company not only improved every facet of existing windows, but developed a window system never used in Hawaii before.


Hawaii has some of the most extreme UV exposure on earth, capable of destroying all but the very best vinyl. Pure Virgin Vinyl, with its high percentage of titanium dioxide, is the only vinyl able to stand up to the harsh exposure of Hawaii’s sunshine.

The state is in a Hurricane Zone, meaning Hawaii is likely to experience a direct hit from a hurricane in the near future, and most existing vinyl windows will be all but destroyed when that happens.

The vinyl frame of the Makai window series has a high-impact profile, which means it is able to withstand considerable impact without failing. To complement the strong frame, double-strength glass is used, which is twice as thick as common glass used in the vast majority of replacement windows. The combination of these sturdy frames and double-strength glass enables these windows to endure winds of up to 180 miles per hour; in fact, all Makai windows are so strong that they are commercially rated and frequently used in high-rise condos.


The majority of homes in Hawaii experience varying degrees of salt exposure. The mixture of high humidity and salinity in the air combined with tropical temperatures creates an extremely corrosive environment, which most people can attest to. The Makai range of windows and doors addresses this issue by utilizing the highest grade of stainless steel hardware available.

Salt can also be problematic on glass, causing etching and constant staining; it also attracts moisture and dirt. By using Cardinal NEAT® Self Cleaning Glass, these problems are eliminated.

Virtually all homes in Hawaii experience an area of the household that is hot at some point in the day. The solution is to use Cardinal 366 Low E, one of the most energy-efficient glass types available in North America. By using a combination of Cardinal 366 Low E with Argon and NEAT® Self Cleaning Glass, more than 90 percent of heat can be reflected out of the home.


Finally, screens are the first item to deteriorate in most windows because of their poor design. Discount Windows & Doors has developed a strong screen system that can be removed from inside the home and, in most cases, with one hand.

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