This state is definitely one of the most beautiful places to live, and some of us are lucky enough to call Hawaii our home. To some people, we are blessed with great weather year-round. However, every homeowner knows the troubles of heat and moisture and the toll they take on our homes. Being able to control the amount of heat that penetrates our homes is one of the best features that plantation shutters allow any homeowner.

Plantation shutters make it easy to insulate your home, and keep the cool in and heat out. The ability to regulate the temperature in your home helps to upkeep the interior by blocking out harmful heat and UV rays that can wear and damage your floors, furniture and paint. Shutters also help to keep your home cooler, which in turn will make it easier to beat Hawaii’s heat.

G&S Shutter Designs has one of the best plantation shutters in the islands. The design of its Polycore Shutter is made to withstand the heat and resist the extreme elements that Hawaii has to offer. Polycore Shutters feature an aluminum co-extruded core. This core helps to maximize the strength and durability of the shutter, which in turn makes it invulnerable to heat and moisture we deal with in Hawaii.


G&S Shutter Designs is a small local company that aims to provide Hawaii homeowners with the highest quality shutter at the most affordable price.

“We like to treat each and every home as if it were our own,” said Gavin Shibuya, owner of G&S Shutter Designs. “We take pride in our work and always focus on customer service and exceptional workmanship.”

The strength of the Polycore Shutter allows G&S Shutter Designs to be one of the only companies to take shutter panels up to 36 inches in width, whereas most other companies can only reach 28 inches. The remarkable strength of the Polycore Shutter also guarantees that homeowners will not run into issues with warping.

G&S Shutter Designs aims to beautify and protect Hawaii homes, one abode at a time. Contact the company today for quality plantation shutters at the best prices.

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