As we get older in life, adjustments must be made to enhance one’s quality of life. With this in mind, D’s Plumbing is poised to help.

First of all, owner Frank Duarte suggested considering how converting a tub into a shower would make bathing easier. For seniors, even adjusting the small details can go a long way. For example, lowering the edge of a shower area to 6 inches high from that of a 15-inch step can mean the difference between entering the shower safely and encountering a dangerous fall.


The type of finishing materials should also be considered when renovating one’s shower. In regard to ceramic tiles, Duarte explained that most older homes have 4 by 4 inch ceramic tiles, and that for those who want to maintain the appearance, D’s Plumbing can install larger ceramic tiles, such as the popular 12 by 12 inch styles.

“Of course, there are many different sizes that one can choose from,” said Duarte of the tile application, and that “our grout joints are small in size to help make cleaning a little easier.”

When considering a bathroom conversion, Duarte is quick to point out that the drain size for a tub is 1.5 inches in diameter, and for a shower, the width must be 2 inches. Performing such an alteration may require increasing an existing drain size, and doing so usually proves less troublesome in a home as opposed to a condominium because of access to pipe systems and other potential restrictions. To help with protecting its customers from leaks, D’s Plumbing only installs copper pans.



Some customers prefer a solid surface shower in which three main, solid sheets cover the walls surrounding a tub or shower with the same materials fabricated for the shower pan. Duarte explained that “many seniors are inclined to use this material mainly because, as they say, ‘it’s easier to clean.'”

Additionally, a built-in bench with a handheld shower nozzle is another ergonomic option available for those who need the assistance in conjunction with safety-grab bars. Regardless of the choices, D’s Plumbing can complement the finish with an elegant curvature curtain rod or sliding glass door enclosure.

“So, if you’re thinking about a bathroom conversion, replacing your old tub with a new one or renovating your kitchen, let D’s Plumbing help you to decide what possible solutions are best for you,” Duarte said. “After all, we have been serving the people of Hawaii for over 30 years. We may be a small company, but with the skills that we possess, we are great in numbers.”


For more information, log on to www.Affordable or call Frank and his team at 230-8308 or 734-2032.

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