Whether you’re celebrating a new job, new house or new family member, fresh starts call for rejoicing. It’s also a great time to get organized: focus on what’s to come instead of worrying about this and that.

A large-scale reorganization of your home, office or life can seem like a tall order. Label as you go to help avoid future stress and messes and prevent reorganization. A label maker like the Brother P-touch PT-D200 that features a full keyboard can be a huge help.

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If you’re moving


Label boxes with the proper destination and keep a simple spreadsheet that tells where each box ended up so you know where to look for it.

For new babies

Label where you keep clothes, diapers, bibs and other necessities for baby needs. Label bottles and personal items to make things easy and avoid mix-ups at day care.

Eliminate cord confusion

Save yourself some trouble and label each cord so you can pick out the right one to move or disconnect.

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