Whether snuggling in for the night or just trying to take a nap, your environment plays an important role. From noise reduction to lighting, there are a few easy ways you can turn your bedroom into a tranquil oasis so you can count “Zzzs” and not sheep.

“A third of the adult population suffers from insomnia from time to time, but only about 6 percent meet the criteria for an actual sleep disorder,” said Dr. Christina Brown from the Florida School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, Tampa. “In a good number of cases, getting to sleep and staying asleep is a matter of your surroundings.”


Kristina Held, assistant professor of interior design at The Art Institute of Charlotte suggested areas of the bedroom to evaluate in order to improve your sleep:


Hang several layers of curtains to block out light at night. Get rid of your phones, TVs and iPads while in bed. The artificial light will interrupt your sleep cycle and keep your brain activated. Humans were created to be insynch with the sun cycle, so positioning your bed to the east will help you to wake up naturally.


Try to use only natural fiber for your bedding such as cotton, organic cotton, silk or linen blend. Hypoallergenic pillows prevent allergies.

Furniture and decor


Use neutral colors, blues and greens to evoke the calming feelings of nature. Avoid using reds, which can make you feel awake.

Add decoration with an area rug that will also reduce noise. A white noise machine or ceiling fan can drown out background noise too. Include some inspiring artwork that brings you feelings of calm.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.