I have been training for the Honolulu Marathon since August, and the big day is finally here. If you are reading this on Sunday, I’m either out on the course or happily finished, enjoying a big meal with some well-deserved french fries. I’ve made the Honolulu Marathon (and the months of training leading up to it) a major part of my life. But one of the things I love most is being able to enjoy eating almost anything afterward, guilt-free.

The race takes place around this time each year, and afterward I spend several days making and eating cookies and big meals at home. I remember one year, just after the marathon, I was sitting down to one of my big-meal rewards, and I realized I needed a fork. I ran into the kitchen, pulled out the drawer, and the entire thing fell out! Utensils scattered all over the floor, and I could no longer happily enjoy my meal. The problem was we lived in an old house with old drawers. They had no stopping mechanism, so every time you pulled one out, you had to make sure you only went so far. Otherwise, it would fall out completely. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered how easy it is to add a stop to a drawer.


All you need is a small piece of hard-wood, a drill, a screw and a screwdriver. First, empty your drawer. Then, make sure the hardwood is the right size. It should be about 2-inches long. Next, drill a hole about 3/4-inches away from the end of the wood. Remove the drawer and pick a spot on the back end, toward the top of the drawer. Screw the block on to this spot.

Then, turn the block horizontally and slide the drawer back inside, keeping it slightly open, but with the back pushed in past the cabinet face. Turn the block vertically. This will allow the block to catch the cabinet face frame when you pull the drawer out. If you ever need to take your drawer out in the future, simply turn the block horizontally.

If you don’t have a piece of hardwood handy, you can also do this with premade drawer stops. These usually come in plastic or metal, and you can find them at most hardware stores.


Don’t let your drawers ruin your meals. The fix is relatively easy, and it works for dressers, too.