Akamai Pest Solutions is committed to providing the best service possible and giving its customers a safer and less-intrusive way to treat drywood termites. As the holidays are coming up fast, it’s important to remember that termites don’t take holidays off; hey eat every day of the year.

Please contact Akamai Pest Solutions from wherever you live in the state to take care your drywood termite issues. Not having to move out or do other preparations leaves you with more free time to plan your holiday events.


Remember that the XT-2000 Orange Oil treatment for drywood termites has the following advantages over tent fumigation:


• No move outs costs to stay in a hotel
• Businesses can remain open during the busy season since Akamai can treat without any business having to close down.
• No boarding of pets
• No bagging food or discarding unused food
• No worrying about having your house burglarized because you can be home during treatment
• A two-year full structure warranty is offered with all of our full-house treatments
• The company can do a preventative treatment in the attic and crawlspace (in many cases) depending on the situation.
• XT-2000 Orange Oil treatments can be used on houses in escrow as well.
• No broken solar panels or damage to roofs, gutters or plant life around the home
• Akamai can also perform ground treatments using Termidor termiticide.

Don’t let termites eat during the holidays. Call Akamai pest Solutions at 754-3393 (Oahu) or 280-4300 (Maui) for a free estimate and you too can join the many customers who have chosen the safer way to treat for drywood termites while helping to protect our environment in our beautiful state. Visit the company online at www.akamaipestsolution.com

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