Pacific Islands Construction believes that there are many issues regarding the solar industry that the consumer should understand before and after he or she makes an investment in a photo-voltaic (PV) system. The following information is provided to help educate the consumer:

All photovoltaic systems need to be maintained and inspected yearly to prevent expensive repairs down the road. Having your system inspected will reveal issues such as loose electrical cable, modules that are not secured to the racking system, roof flashings in need of attention to prevent leaks and inverter problems. Modules also should be clear of various deposits on surfaces that cause depreciation in energy performance.


The company has recently observed projects where clamps have become loose and modules have a layer of dirt, which blocks light and reduces the energy the module is able to produce. Unfortunately, without this inspection, homeowners are unaware that their system is underper-forming or in need of attention. Pacific Islands Construction performs these inspections and cleanings as a standard service to its clients. Simply call 841-7756.

Because of tax credit clarifications from the state of Hawaii, many people are concerned that they may have missed the boat to have a PV system installed on their home or business. The truth is that this is not the situation, and Pacific Islands Construction has created ways for you to take advantage of these tax credits.

One way to get solar power for your home is with a PPA, or Power Purchase Agreement. With PPAs, someone else installs a PV system on your home at no cost to you, and you agree to buy the power it produces at a greatly reduced price from what you normally pay HECO. In this 20-year agreement, the equipment is maintained throughout the duration of the agreement with an option for the homeowner to purchase the equipment after seven years at fair market value. The advantage of the agreement is that you only pay for the electricity that is produced, and it is advantageous for the provider to maintain his or her equipment. If you decide to purchase the equipment, you will have an understanding of what the system really produces on average, and what it will produce in subsequent years. Finally, the savings on your electricity bill can be used for other purchases or saved to use towards the purchase price of the system.


Pacific Islands Construction believes that it is our responsibility to provide what is right for our customers. It provides options inclusive of purchase, leasing and a PPA. The company can be reached at 841-7756 if you are interested in discussing your PV needs. Or visit the website at

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