It’s no secret that Hawaii’s solar industry has been booming for the past few years, but homeowners and industry professionals have recently expressed concern over the sudden changes in state tax rules that will drastically reduce the amount of tax credits available for Hawaii homeowners. If you have been considering reducing your electric bill with solar, but are worried you’ve missed the state tax credit opportunities because of changes being implemented in 2013, don’t panic: Sunetric has a solution.

“The department of taxation issued a new administrative ruling to change the definitions of the state tax incentives,” shared chief operating officer Aaron Kirk.


The new qualifications to receive state tax credits are now based on kilowatts installed. This means you may not be entitled to receive as much in return from the state as you may have in 2012.

“This can result in up to a 50 percent cut in tax credits from the state level, just by altering the definition,” said Kirk. “Sunetric feels that the tax change decision was made too quickly and without looking at the impact it’s going to have on the solar industry, on Hawaii’s clean energy initiative or to Hawaii homeowners.”

“This tax code change will dramatically affect the ease in which local homeowners can put solar on their homes,” said Kirk.

Kirk predicts that there may not be any openings for installations before the end of the year, unless you want to turn to drastic measures and go with someone who can’t guarantee the same quality of service.

But don’t be discouraged and lose faith in turning your roof into a personal power plant.


To continue to provide its reputable service to customers, and to assist homeowners that won’t be able to install photo-voltaic before the end of the year, Sunetric has found exclusive means to cover the loss of tax rebates for homeowners.

“We have access to an exclusive program that allows us to honor nearly all of the same tax credits that were available in 2012 for our new customers,” shared Kirk. “We’ve worked hard to find a way to give homeowners a little bit more time to get in, and benefit from the better tax rebates that were available before this drastic cut was made.”

However, Kirk noted that Sunetric will only be able to extend the 2012 tax credits for a limited time.

“The resources of this program are limited and are allocated only to Sunetric customers. We are doing everything we can to extend it as long as possible and give as many local homeowners the benefits that these tax incentives provided before the rules changed,” said Kirk.


And choosing to trust in Sunetric also means knowing that you’ll get more than your money’s worth with top-tier, U.S.-made photovoltaic panels.

To ensure that you’ll be able to take part in Sunetric’s exclusive offer, visit or call the company’s main offices at 262-6600.

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