We all have that family member who is difficult to shop for. Why not give him or her the gift that keeps on giving — a gift card from Geobunga! Green thumbs and do-it-yourselfers can shop Hawaii’s best selection of lilies, water plants, pottery, river rock, bamboo and more at Geobunga’s two locations: one in Salt Lake and a new one-acre farm in Waimanalo.

Gardening for most is a personal activity that involves hand-selecting each detail — from the types of veggies that are grown to the pots they are displayed in. Because pots don’t fit in stockings, Geobunga gift cards are ideal for anyone who enjoys spending time in the garden. From now until Dec. 24, for every $100 spent on gift cards, Geobunga will include a complimentary $20 gift card.


Here are just a few ideas to help build your outdoor oasis:

Create a water garden

Lilies, lotuses and other water plants provide a calming beauty that turns any space into a tranquil retreat. Whether you have a backyard pond or just a small lanai, anyone can enjoy the beauty of a water garden. Contrary to what its stunning beauty might imply, a water garden is fairly simple to maintain for experts and novices alike.

Grow your own herb and produce garden

Anyone can have this hot trend at home in nearly any size space. Container gardens provide a wonderful activity to bond with the kids or grandkids, while adding a beautiful aesthetic to your home. They also are practical and attractive.


“Growing food you use in everyday cooking is rewarding and relatively simple to do,” said Geobunga executive director Andrew Dedrick. “Herbs such as basil, oregano and rosemary; lettuces like Manoa and arugula; and cherry or regular tomatoes thrive in the islands.”

Create a serene outdoor space

An outdoor space isn’t complete without the addition of beautiful pottery. Pottery is one of the most versatile design elements — it’s both functional and aesthetic. Geobunga has the largest collection in the state, with thousands of pieces in hundreds of styles and colors.

“What I love about pottery is that it is art that works for you. It can be used as a water feature with blooming water lilies or as a modern container garden filled with fresh flowering plants or produce,” said Dedrick.


Come be inspired this holiday season at Geobunga, and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary at Hawaii’s best resource for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor experience. Providing unique garden elements from around the world at the best prices, each visit to Geobunga offers something new.

Give, and you shall receive

From now until Dec. 24, buy $100 worth of gift cards and receive a complimentary $20 gift card for you or to give away! Visit Geobunga at 4299 Lawehana St. in Salt Lake or Geobunga Windward, located at 41-829 Kakaina St. in Waimanalo.

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