How does one go about buying a new roof? It’s not something you do every day, nor is it a home improvement that people know a lot about. You not only have to select the correct roof product, but you have to select a competent and fair-minded contractor to install it. Some people think with their wallets, while others simply buy what their neighbor bought or take the recommendation of a friend. These are all good ways to buy — if you’re lucky.

These methods often lead the homeowner to a temporary roof such as asphalt shingles, concrete composites or wood shakes. These roofs appear to be less expensive, but actually cost much more because of the need for multiple re-roofs and frequent and costly maintenance.


Clay or concrete tile is extremely heavy and the composites are highly porous. Both roofs are subject to damage from high winds or foot traffic.

On the other hand, high tensile aluminum used to form the Country Manor Shake (CMS) roof system produces an affordable, light weight, energy efficient roof with unsurpassed durability and strength. Plus, it does not degrade over the years and now comes with a cool, HI-R infrared reflecting coating to keep your home 10 degrees or more cooler than conventional roofs.

Aluminum Country Manor Shakes come with a patented “free-floating” FoamGuard insert. The FoamGuard will help deaden the sound of rain, keep your home cooler and allow you to walk on the roof without damaging it.



The unique four-way interlock of CMS roofs actually holds together tighter as wind speeds increase. The natural, staggered appearance will add value and curb appeal to your home. Your home will be fire-safe because the roof is non-combustible, and CMS is lightweight, which reduces the chances of structural collapse in the unlikely event of an interior fire.

This time around, buy a permanent roof with a manufacturer’s lifetime, non-prorated limited warranty, which covers the cost of both materials and labor. Investigate a CMS roof and imagine how attractive it will make your home.

To learn more about the aluminum Country Manor Shake system and to get a free detailed written estimate, call Fred Rehm of Aluminum Shake Roofing Inc. The company has specialized in the installation of this system for more than 24 years. It has re-roofed thousands of single-family and multi-family homes around Hawaii.

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