With more than 200 solar companies to choose from in Hawaii, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for a photovoltaic (PV) system. Homeowners are advised to do their research because anyone can install PV systems these days, but not everyone is truly qualified, and not all systems are created equal.

2012 is wrapping up with many anxious to get their PV systems installed before the state tax credits change. But what about those who couldn’t get on the 2012 calendar?

It depends on how you look at it — waiting may have actually been in your favor.


A revolutionary, thin-film panel is now available in Hawaii. Risource Energy founder and president Darren Furumoto selected Solar Frontier CIS panels with Hawaii homeowners in mind. These innovative, Japanese-made panels are ideal for Hawaii homes because of their proven “light-soaking effect,” quality and price point. Furumoto is the first in Hawaii to offer these modules for residential PV installations.

What makes an ideal PV system? A system that will offer the most return for your money while providing safe and enduring quality.

“Customers should be able to rely on their solar provider as an expert,” remarked Furumoto. Each system from Risource Energy is custom-designed to maximize energy conversion and output.


Solar Frontier panels are not only aesthetically pleasing — they’re safe and effective.


They sit sleek and black on the roof, they’re lead- and cadmium-free and they’re proven to handle Hawaii’s salt air conditions. Local and worldwide data confirm that Solar Frontier panels harvest energy about 9 percent better than crystalline panels.

Maybe you haven’t heard of Furumoto or his thin-film panels, as he’s a modest, behind-the-scenes kind of guy. You may not even see him much, because most days he’s up on the roof working. One thing is certain — Furumoto is well-qualified in PV installations. He’s one of eight NABCEP-certified installers on Oahu, and one of 20 in the entire state. NABCEP certification is esteemed in the solar world as the gold standard in certification. He’s worked on thousands of installations throughout his nearly 20 years in the solar industry.

Furumoto is “grateful to Bruce Ekimura” of Alternate Energy Inc. and “fortunate to (have) gained first-hand knowledge and experience working with a wide range of modules and inverters” during his time spent as operations manager and lead installer at Alternate Energy Inc.

The new name Risource is derived from the Japanese word “risou,” which translates to “dream” or “ideal” in English. Furumoto has the “risou” of a quality installation at a reasonable price for homeowners. A fresh name felt right and reflected the transition from being a smaller division of highly respected industry leader Alternate Energy Inc. With a new name and fresh logo, Risource Energy is ready to take the PV world by the helm.


If you’re looking for quality and expertise with certification, you’ll want Darren Furumoto and his team from Risource Energy on your roof.

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