As the New Year approaches and you begin making your list of resolutions, don’t forget about your home. You spend a huge chunk of time at home; shouldn’t you love it? However, sticking to your resolutions can be tough. Here are some hints to maintaining your goals throughout the year:

Start by making a list

We all have dreams; the important thing is to write those desires down. Whether it’s updating the kitchen countertop or finally finishing the flagstone pathways in the backyard, putting those tasks on a list gives you a map of what you can do this year, as well as projects what you can do in the following years. This can be the hardest part for many of us, so make your list when you are in a good mood and feeling productive. Breaking bigger goals into smaller ones will help you feel more accomplished.

Post the list somewhere visible


Our lives tend to get hectic and we lose focus on our resolutions as the year progresses. Putting the list in a location that you frequent keeps the goals fresh in your mind. As goals are achieved, scratch them off. Seeing the progress will continue to motivate you throughout the year.

Use images for reference

Do not hesitate to pull images from magazines to inspire you. These images can be colors, a clever ad or a picture of a kitchen you like. Even the smallest detail can be a catalyst for an idea, pulling these ideas allows you to recollect and share your goals with others.

Small tasks equal big rewards

Going after the biggest project on the list can be overwhelming. Start small and get some of the little things done. Picking out a lavatory, deciding on your accent tile for your bathroom or painting the laundry room are little projects inside big projects that will eventually result in the completion of even the most overwhelming tasks.


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