As it has done throughout its 38 years serving Hawaii, American Carpet One continues to make the flooring process seamless.

The one-stop shop creates an overall experience that includes product selection, layout, design and installation. American Carpet One’s craftsmen (installers) at the locally owned operation are employed by the company, not contracted out, so it can control the level of service provided to customers.

All of American Carpet One’s sales associates have completed 60 hours of online university courses and an additional three months of on-the-job training, making the consultants certified experts in their respective fields. The company serves as a full-service home flooring design center, meaning it doesn’t just sell carpet. Customers may choose from laminate, wood, tile, natural stone and vinyl flooring selections, as well as window coverings. Various services, such as concrete polishing — a “green” flooring treatment that is rapidly gaining popularity — also are available.


Unlike walking through a big box store where customers are routinely left to fend for themselves, at American Carpet One, customer service is paramount. Customers enter the showroom and are greeted by a receptionist before being provided with individualized care from dedicated consultants to make sure clients don’t overspend and ultimately choose the correct flooring material to meet their needs.

“We are to here to educate our clients on our products and services. If we are successful, our clients will have found great value, created a beautiful room and had a lot of fun in the process.” says American Carpet One sales manager Aaron Okamoto. “We don’t just sell flooring. We help create gorgeous environments through the flooring, and we make friends.”

After customers select their desired mode of flooring from American Carpet One’s many boutique-style showrooms — which showcase each style of flooring amidst various lighting conditions and room configurations — estimators will come to one’s home or business to determine the approximate cost of the job.


“Consumers can buy flooring from anywhere, but it’s the craftsmanship from the people installing it that is going to make or break what the flooring looks like in the end,” Okamoto said of the skilled craftsmen at American Carpet One. “We put your mind at ease and really take the guesswork out of the process. There are over 100 people involved on every project making sure that we get the job done correctly.”

All journeymen installers at American Carpet One were recently affirmed by Certified Floorcovering Installers (CFI), an international nonprofit organization put in place in the early 1990s to train and certify installers with the end goal of assisting homeowners and other customers with making sure that the installers working on their projects are indeed qualified. They joined a select group of a little more than 40,000 CFI installers nationwide who are certified to install a wide array of products and floor coverings to meet industry standards.

With a warehouse space that is larger than 30,000 square feet, American Carpet One stocks its flooring products and makes them readily available for immediate delivery. Because of the vast quantity of product that the company can import from manufacturers on the Mainland, the customer is spared some of the freight costs associated with shipping to the Islands. In addition to saving customers money, American Carpet One also conserves time, as the on-hand flooring can be installed immediately, giving customers peace of mind and eliminating the need to call multiple subcontractors to coordinate installation, as is often the case with competing companies.


To set up a free consultation, including measurements of a home or business,, visit or call 447-2752.

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Photos courtesy of Lawrence Tabudlo