Add a dash of charm to any room or entryway. Install a door-in-the-wall with a Pocket Door Frame.

A pocket door can be installed in any room of your home. They’re especially convenient for walk-in closets, bathrooms, powder rooms, bedrooms, between a kitchen and dining room or in doorways that only need to be closed occasionally.

The Johnson Pocket Door Frame is designed to eliminate the problems traditionally associated with a door-in-the-wall. The product has a box-shaped track and convex rails, which make it impossible for the hanger wheels to jump off. Special key hole slots allow you to remove the track easily without tearing out a wall.


There’s a unique hanger-clip system that enables you to remove the door for painting or staining after the dry-wall and trim are in place. The pocket door frame also has self-adjusting anchors to allow for settling without disturbing the horizontal alignment of the header and track.

To keep the frame straight and provide a rigid surface for attaching wall materials, the Johnson pocket door frame is equipped with rust-resistant, zinc-coated steel sides and back plating. This also helps prevent drywall nails from penetrating the stud and scratching the pocket door.

You can put in a pocket door frame with basic hand tools. Make it easy on yourself and get a ready-to-install product like the Johnson Hardware model, which comes with all hardware components, including a preassembled track and header. All you supply is the door.

A carpenter can install the pocket door frame in about 10 minutes. Figure a little more time for a handy-man.


Accessories include a converging door kit for joining two pocket door frames, doors pulls and privacy locks. The privacy locks fit standard pre-bored doors. You can install them without cutting the door and invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty.

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Johnson’s Pocket Door Frames are available in various widths and heights and can be used in unique applications like the pass-thru window shown. In addition, Johnson also offers privacy locks that can be installed without cutting the door and invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty.

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