This Saturday, the public will have a chance to learn about two of the biggest revolutions in home improvement today: silicone and ceramic-based roof coatings, as well as solar panels that will dramatically reduce your electric bill with no money out-of-pocket.

The best prices of the year are always reserved for the Cool Roof Store’s huge One Day Sale. You must attend Saturday in order to get these prices.


First, Jim Wilkinson of GacoRoof will lead a hands-on demonstration on how to easily install a new GACO Silicone roof over any flat or shingle roof (except wood shingles). Silicone has proven itself on even the heaviest of ponding roofs — and has an amazing 50 year material warranty.

Bring pictures of your roof for personal advice from real roofers. You will want to have roof measurements ready so you can take advantage of this One Day Sale.

Next, Robert Dixon of NuTech Paints will demonstrate how his remarkable NXT Cool Zone infrared paint repels heat while prolonging the life of your Monier Tile, metal or asphalt shingle roof. His super paint employs the latest Nanotechnology for a long lasting finish that won’t crack or fade in Hawaii’s hot sun. NuTech has been the leading roof-coating company in Australia — where UV damage is even greater than Hawaii’s — for 42 years with more than 800,000 roofs under its belt.


Next, Guy Tanioka and Stuart Graham of First National Solar will demonstrate how solar panels work and how much they can reduce your electric bills with no money out of your pocket. Hawaii residents pay three times more for electricity than Mainland residents, so it’s crucial to lock in your savings while solar tax credits are still in place. There is no better time than now.

Next, Cool Roof Store president Frank Rogers will introduce his new line of cool roof coatings with a One Day Sale special. These remarkable coatings have been climatized for Hawaii’s unique weather. Ceramic granules repel heat, while the super polymer Lipacryl resists ponding water. Its new Fast Dry Formula also gets you off the roof before sudden rain surprises you.

Want it installed? Attend the sale this Saturday and get $500 off your new roof price. The biggest discounts of the year are always reserved for attendees only.


Visit the Cool Roof Store at 575 Cooke St. in Kakaako. Go to or call 591-1900 for more information.

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