Building a new home or renovating your existing one can be an intimidating process. Sometimes just coming up with ideas and concepts can be confusing and draining. S. Tanaka Construction is a design/build company that can help you with your home construction projects from start to finish without any upfront costs. The company will listen to your project ideas and help you turn them into a reality. It will also assist you with alternative ideas or brainstorm concepts if you are struggling with a vision.

Started by Shinya Tanaka in 1984, the business is now owned by his son, Ryan Tanaka. Together, they have established a reputable company with loyal clientele. Most jobs that filter in are referrals from previous customers, and many of them are repeat customers. Common testimonials from previous clients reveal the ease in working with Ryan and Shinya, and the quality of service received during the building process and final outcome. S. Tanaka Construction focuses primarily on building new homes and does so from the ground up. What does this mean to you as a client? It means the company takes care of everything, from obtaining permits to creating plans to demolishing, building and finish work. For those of you who may have tried to complete your home projects on your own, you know that just starting the permitting process can be a tedious endeavor. If it’s a home renovation or addition you are interested in, S. Tanaka Construction specializes in those as well. Perhaps you want to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom to a more modern concept or extend your living room. S. Tanaka Construction will assist you through the whole process just as effectively as if it were a brand-new home.

If you’re interested in receiving an estimate from S. Tanaka Construction, it’s good to know that estimates are free, all-inclusive and, as long as the job remains within the scope of work, firm. However, do not expect a quote from the company based on the amount per square foot alone. S. Tanaka Construction does not come to a final price based on square footage, but rather on the specifics a client wants for the end result. For example, adding laminate flooring versus carpet or installing PV and central air will affect the final cost, so it is unrealistic to come up with a figure based only on square footage. This is how the company avoids price discrepancies and ensures that customers know exactly what they are getting.

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