Satisfying multigenerational needs with custom building

This is the second in a three-part series.

Donna-Marie Palakiko and her ohana are in the exciting process of watching Graham Builders bring their dream for a multigenerational family home in Kapahulu to fruition. Their design+build journey began with the collective idea of bringing together friends and family in a gathering place that incorporates Hawaii’s temperate climate and beautiful outdoor living.


“In 2008, we started our first discussions with Graham Builders to design a home respectful of our natural environment and surroundings,” said Donna. “We wanted to incorporate the open, airy, wonderful bright feeling of tropical Hawaii sunlight into our home.” The Palakiko ohana teamed up with Graham Builders to construct a new home that would also take advantage of local trade winds.

Detailed and impressive touches like large windows and high ceilings offer the Palakiko ohana more than just rooms with a view to the sky. There is the perception that the indoor space seamlessly flows into the outdoor setting. Consider these examples: the dining lanai off of the kitchen, the wall of floor-to-ceiling jalousies on the main level and no hallways on the second. These unique concepts incorporate natural light and ventilation, allowing the home to stay cool throughout the day.

“We really wanted the Palakiko ohana to enjoy and experience their natural surroundings throughout the entire home,” said Evan Fujimoto, Graham Builders president. “The construction successfully maximizes as much wind and light elements that Hawaii has to offer, without sacrificing any privacy.”


“Everything about our Graham Builders home-building experience has been positive,” said Donna.

“It’s exciting to see all the drawings become three-dimensional as the walls go up and the windows and doors are installed. We feel like this has been an amazing group effort, and Graham Builders is just as excited about the project as we are.”

This story is the second in a series that follows the Palakiko ohana during their design+build journey with Graham Builders. The final and completed project will be unveiled in November. You will want to join us to celebrate the finished product with a Builder’s Open House; stay tuned for exact date and details.


Homeowners interested in learning more about the latest trends in design and renovation, as well as multigenerational living and sustainable building, can attend Graham Builders’ upcoming free “Building Your Home for Life” seminar on Saturday, Oct. 27, from 9 to 11 a.m. at Honolulu Country Club. Reservations are required. For a schedule of the remaining 2012 seminars or to register, visit www.graham or call 593-2808.

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