When discussing the “golden rule” in home construction, we are not talking about the gold color of a contractor’s tape measure. We are discussing fairness and ethics. Everybody wants to be treated fairly, right? We located a residential general contracting construction company in Honolulu that operates by this principle and rule of treating others the same way that they would like to be treated when conducting business.

Town & Country Builders LLC is a licensed general contracting design build firm that has been serving Oahu residents for the past 32 years. The company specializes in new and custom homes, remodels, second-story additions, designer kitchens, bathrooms, Americans with Disability Act (ADA) modifications/improvements as well as multi generational homes, and offers full construction services including planning and permitting.


In order to break through the clouds of confusion and mayhem preceding and during any new construction or remodeling process, there must be clarity from the beginning, and an understanding between parties must be reached and agreed upon before any project proceeds. Each project should begin with a clear and concise proposal from the building contractor that defines the scope of work. What is a proposal? It is a written document that explains what the contractor will complete for a fixed dollar amount.

Here are some examples of poorly written proposals that, if agreed upon among the constituents (homeowner and contractor), may lead to disagreements and/or possible court action because the scope of work was not explained properly. For example:

1) Construct a concrete pad at the rear of the house.

What more needs to be said about this description? Let’s begin with the location — left, right or middle of the home? What is the size , thickness of the concrete and PSI (pounds per square inch) of the concrete? What will the concrete finish look like? Will it be decorative with a salt finish, broom finish or smooth?

2) Remodel the kitchen for $20,000

3) Enclose a garage for $12,000


I’m certain that you understand the message conveyed by now that these types of proposals do not adequately describe the scope of work, are doomed for failure and disagreement, and are unacceptable trade practice. These types of proposals may or may not have been written this way intentionally. Demand more from your contractor and at the end of the day, both parties will be the beneficiary of a smooth construction project.

You can reach Town and Country Builders at 737-7766 for a free in-home consultation, or visit www.townandcountrybuildersllc.com. Town & Country Builders is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A-plus rating, a certified remodeler and winner of the 2012 elite “Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction” award. This month, the company is celebrating its 32nd anniversary.

contact // 737-7766
web // www.townandcountrybuildersllc.com