In the 25 years that Diamond Head Windows & Doors has been in the window business, it has purchased and installed virtually every window available in Hawaii: high-end, low-end, wood, fiberglass, aluminum and vinyl. Many of these have merits and do well in Hawaii’s climate, but each has flaws as well.

After much research and testing, Amerimax has become the company’s primary recommendation.



As Hawaii is a beautiful place, many homes have an abundance of windows to capture the views and bring in natural light. Many of these windows are out-of-reach and hard-to-clean. Amerimax windows use NEAT® glass. The glass is manufactured so that water or rain sheets off instead of leaving drops that dry and leave rings. Hard-to-reach windows can be cleaned by the rain or even a garden hose. And with the highest energy efficiency, these windows keep out unwanted heat, sound and harmful UV light.


Amerimax windows offer six different types of obscure/frosted glass, as well as four different tints, so you can select the amount of light and privacy you want in each room. You can get rid of your curtains and rattling blinds.


While vinyl is a great material in Hawaii for windows because of its resistance to heat, salt and ease in cleaning, colors are limited. Amerimax windows are available in 10 different colors.



With most window companies being based on the Mainland, the quality of insect screens is generally an afterthought. In Hawaii, most of us keep our windows open for ventilation day and night. Wresting the screens out of the window when we want to clean or tabs that break easily are a constant source of service and repair. The Amerimax windows have a built-in rail that makes removal easy, and the screens are designed to be removed from the inside so second-story and hard-to-reach windows are no problem.

These are just some of the benefits, and the windows have a lifetime warranty as well.

Mark & Todd McKinstry of Diamond Head Windows & Doors believe you will be very pleased when you see all the features of the Amerimax window. As an introductory offer, Amerimax is offering a 30 percent discount for the first 100 customers in Hawaii.


Call today for a free in-home estimate. The company has many window brands and styles to fit your budget and requirements.

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