Akamai Pest Solutions has treated many, many homes and businesses with its orange oil treatments, which is a safer option than tent fumigating. With the economy today, what business can afford to close its doors at anytime for a termite treatment?

Akamai Pest Solutions has been doing business and non-residential treatments for many years throughout the state. It has treated shopping centers, restaurants, condominium complexes, banks, medical clinics, schools, structures for the National Park Service, boats and structures for the state and federal government.

The best thing about treating these types of structures is that there are many benefits, which include:


• Businesses do not have to close. The company can treat after hours or on weekends.

• Businesses don’t have to prepare for orange oil treatments as they would for tent fumigations, in which they would have to bag consumables, take out live plants, post security guards and worry about possible damage to roofs, gutters, solar panels and plats.

• A business can reopen normally after treatment is completed with very little, if any, clean up.

• The treatment comes with a warranty, so any future infestations are taken care of immediately instead of having to re-fumigate the building.


• A single business can be treated in a large complex without the entire structure having to fumigate and close down.

• Akamai can also take care of any ground termite issues for the structure. The only difference is that it has to use traditional termiticides instead of orange oil, since orange oil is organic and will biodegrade.

As a result of the growth of this area of Akamai’s business, the company has placed a single person in charge of working with business and condominium complexes. This person has the experience and knowledge to be able to set up treatments for any type of non-residential termite treatment. These treatments take a great deal of care and planning because most of the time, Akamai deals with multiple owners and businesses or multiple condo owners and associations. It’s a real advantage to have such an individual on the Akamai team.

With the holidays quickly approaching, and associations and property managers working on new budgets, give Akamai Pest Solutions a call to work with you during the holidays and on next year’s budget.


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