You can avoid running on empty energy by filling up on these road-tested feng shui tenets

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Is there such a thing as “car feng shui”? I spend a lot of time in my car each week and was wondering if I can apply feng shui principles to my car; or, is feng shui only for the home?

Feng shui principles can apply to any environment we spend time in, including your car. Between commuting, shopping, family activities, appointments and other scheduled events, we spend a lot of time in our cars, which are connected to us energetically, so taking care of them can ensure maximum energetic support when we are away from home.

Follow these feng shui guidelines for maximum energetic support from your car. The first two reminders reflect common sense and convention, but the third and fourth are somewhat unconventional:

1. Wash your car regularly. A dirty car rejects positive energy, while a clean car draws positive energy to you.

2. Keep your car’s interior free of clutter and rubbish. The negative impact of clutter and rubbish is intensified by the small interior space of a car. Old papers, wrappers, bottles, cans and unpleasant smells create chaotic and stuck energy. By removing these things from the seats, floor, glove compartment, trunk and any other storage areas, you symbolically free the path to move forward smoothly in your life and career.

3. Name your car. Giving your car a name is a sure way to form a strong connection to it. When you create a connection to your car by “personifying” it, you will naturally take better care of it. Using decals or vanity plates can also foster that personal connection.

4. Add something meaningful. Using symbols promotes sensory well-being. The symbol need not be seen and can be anything: a special stone that reminds you to take care of your health, a smile-enhancer in the form of a photo of your pet or child, or a favorite charm. You can place these symbols in your coin holder, glove compartment, or by hanging them on your rearview mirror.

The energy and meaning behind car color


In feng shui, every color has certain attributes and energetic characteristics based on the five elements. If you are purchasing a car, consider choosing the color based on the elemental energy you would like to have more of in your life. If you already have a car, read the color symbolism below to see what energy your car embodies and how it serves you.

Fire — Red, orange, purple, burgundy and coral represent expressiveness, inspiration, brightness, wealth, abundance and power.

Earth — Earthly colors such as brown, yellow, beige, and sandstone bring the energy of reliability, patience, nurturing, grounding, stability and balance into your life.

Metal — White, silver, gold, bronze, copper and other metallic colors bring clarity, logic, perfection, intelligence, strength, resilience, organization and focus into your life.

Water — Navy blue, black, charcoal and gray represent wisdom, flow, relaxation, creativity and comfort.

Wood — Green, teal, olive and medium blue bring the energy of growth, expansion, strength, vitality, flexibility and generosity into your life.

More car symbolism

Everything is connected and symbolism is in everything. For example, when I see clutter in the environment, I know the inhabitants have “clutter” in the mind or in the form of accumulated weight on the body or feel tired or held back in life. Consider the following symbolism when maintaining your car.

Engine: Career and life path. Keep your engine in shape to give drive to your career.

Gas tank: Wealth and abundance.

To avoid feelings of “running on empty,” fill your gas tank as soon as you notice that it is low.

Rearview mirror: Wisdom. To support good decision-making, align your rear-view mirror correctly for maximum view.

Windows: Vision. To allow positive energy to enter your life, keep your windows clean.

Air Conditioning: Respiratory system. To support your ability to be patient and breathe through challenges, keep the air conditioning clean, cool and flowing.

Front Seat: Health. To support your health and vitality, keep your front seat clear.

Backseat: Backseat drivers. To avoid having to deal with undesirable intrusions in your life, keep the backseat clear of rubbish. I have also heard that the backseat represents mothers-in-law.

Tip of the Week
Is it time for a new doormat? If so, make sure it is as wide as your door to fully welcome in the positive energy. Doormats send a welcome message and give the entrance a more grounded feel. Avoid doormats with your name or likeness so that you don’t get symbolically “stepped” on every day.

Alice Inoue is a life guide at Alice Inoue Life Guidance LLC. Visit to read her blog, sign up for her newsletters and download useful feng shui tips.