The Romans built the Colosseum with it, the East Indians built the Taj Mahal with it, and Americans built the Lincoln Monument with it. Natural Stone is humankind’s first and still highly prized building material. It has been used in castles, palaces, temples and public spaces throughout history.

“Marble, granite, slate, limestone, quartzite and basalt, just to name a few, continue to signify beauty, durability and versatility in today’s homes,” said Layla Dedrick, Bella Pietra owner. “This holds true in Hawaii, where Bella Pietra has supplied thousands of square feet of natural stone for both the commercial and residential market. From the renovation of an old favorite, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, to a stunning new high-rise in the Honolulu skyline, the Pinnacle, natural stone from Bella Pietra sets the stage for many of Hawaii’s beautiful buildings.”

Natural stone, like any other building material, requires proper care. Contrary to popular myth, stone is not high-maintenance. Learn just how easy it is to maintain the beauty of stone floors and countertops for a lifetime of enjoyment, including helpful hints on “dos and don’ts” at Bella Pietra’s free workshop Saturday, Oct. 20 at 9 a.m. at Bella Pietra.

Presented by Dedrick and Dan Curtis, western regional sales manager of Miracle Sealants, workshop participants will learn how to:


• Clean your stone (routine maintenance and long-term care)

• Decide which solutions and products are safe

• Prevent potential damage

• Restore an etched or dull surface

“Natural stone countertops and floors will be the longest-lasting design investment in your home, and basic care and cleaning is simple and requires little effort,” said Dedrick. “Even with food or drink spills, dirt tracked in after soccer practice, or years of use, your stone will continue to provide years of use and enjoyment.”


Dedrick notes that prevention is key to ensuring maximum luster to your natural stone floors and countertops. Using floor mats or area rugs helps minimize potential damage by picking up abrasive dirt and grit. Immediately wiping up spills and using neutral cleaners are just some of the many helpful tips attendees will learn at this workshop.

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Stone Cleaning and Maintenance
Saturday, Oct. 20 at 9 a.m.

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