Dress up your front entry with a decorative concrete treatment. Say goodbye to dingy, stained, boring concrete slabs and hello to a stylish, custom-designed entryway. Granicrete Hawaii resurfaces existing concrete, an eco-conscious and budget-friendly choice that will improve your curb appeal and provide easy maintenance.

Decorative concrete overlays

Overlays dramatically improve the look of your front entry. Granicrete Hawaii installers simply resurface your existing concrete with a polymer-modified concrete overlay to completely transform its appearance and texture with just 1/8-inch thickness. They handcraft flooring overlays to create virtually any look, including flagstone, slate or tiles. The design and texture are tailored to each installation.

Sustainable solutions

Revitalize and beautify your existing concrete with concrete staining or by grinding and sealing it. Concrete stains are a great way to add some personality and warmth to your exterior flooring. Stains are available in a wide variety of semi-transparent and opaque colors. They are applied directly to your existing concrete slab without changing its texture. Choose colors that complement your home and landscaping to create that “wow” factor.


The grinding and sealing process removes the top 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch off the surface with a grinder, which takes care of problems such as pitting, flaking, scaling and discol-orations. The aggregates found in the concrete are exposed, adding texture and character to the concrete surface. To add color, it can be stained before it is sealed with a color-enhancing sealant that protects from the elements.

Low maintenance

Solvent-based sealers provide resistance to moisture, stains, mildew and bacteria, and are also UV-resistant to protect against fading. Simply re-seal every two years to maintain the finish and color so that your floors will stand the test of time.

Special offers

Don’t settle for discolored, mildewed, drab concrete floors any longer. Take advantage of 10 percent off front entrances in November. Visit the company’s showroom for design ideas. Call Granicrete Hawaii today at 626-5418 to schedule your free estimate. Allow its team of concrete artisans to give your concrete a facelift or learn to do-it-yourself. Granicrete Hawaii offers a DIY flooring and countertop class every second Friday and Saturday of the month. Visit the website for registration information.

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