PV company trains with Mitsubishi technicians to strengthen services

Last week, representatives from Mitsubishi Electric paid a visit to Alternate Energy Inc.’s (AEI) Pearl City headquarters and training facility. As Mitsubishi’s leading system integrator in the U.S. (and the first and only Mitsubishi Elite Dealer in the country), Alternate Energy enjoys an important relationship with the eminent solar panel manufacturer. Not only did Mitsubishi tour several AEI installations across the island, but technicians from the Japan factory trained the AEI team in the company’s latest rigorous and proprietary installation techniques.


Why is proper installation so important to Mitsubishi? “We believe our PV product is the best the world has to offer,” explained Perry Rosensweig, business development manager with Mitsubishi Electric USA’s Photovoltaic Division. “Many things set Mitsubishi Electric apart, but the most important is the quality of the module. We’re seeing more choices are coming out of places like China and other neighboring countries. But unlike a lot of products, solar products have to last at least 25 years in order to maximize financial and environmental benefit. And they have to withstand wind, rain and salt spray. At Mitsubishi, the quality that goes into the frame, glass, cells and electrical connections — there is really no comparison. That’s critical when you are making such an important investment.

“But,” he said, “without expert installation, all that quality means nothing.” Rosensweig added, “Alternate Energy is Mitsubishi Electric’s leading system integrator by far — not only in Hawaii but in the nation. We make the product, but from the moment we load our panels onto the barge and ship to Honolulu, our success depends on our system integrators. From system design to permitting, to actual installation, there are a lot of balls to juggle when it comes to installing the product appropriately on a home. They are the ones who really make it happen. And that’s what Alternate Energy does so well.

“That’s why we have named Alternate Energy our first and only Mitsubishi Electric Elite Dealer in the U.S. They won that status because of their expertise and the volume of product they install. They know how to do it right. At Mitsubishi we are guided by the seven principles: trust, quality, technology, citizenship, compliance, environment and growth. Alternate Energy shares those values. We are about quality product, they are about quality installation. Ultimately, the benefit is to the customer: we are working hand-in-glove to deliver a quality product and installation that will serve the customer well for decades to come.”

Rosensweig also shared insights on the state of the solar industry today. “Without a doubt, the industry is booming.


As a result, competition has increased sharply, but with that has come a lot of bankruptcies and withdrawals. I believe we’ll see more of that shake-out in next 18-24 months. But Mitsubishi Electric, with its 100-year history and wide diversity of products, is a solid, well-established company that will be around to back up the performance warranty on its modules for generations.

“AEI’s long-term commitment to the local solar industry and community means a lot to us as well. There is a fair share of fly-by-night installers in the PV field. For success in this industry, you need to have stamina and persistence and a willingness to stick out the lows and as well as the highs. Founder Bruce Ekimura and his team have shown that they are in it for the long run. That’s a very important characteristic to us. We are in it for the long haul, and we want favored partners like Alternate Energy who are here to stay as well.”

Alternate Energy Inc. is located at 96-1276 Waihona St. # C124. Call 842-5853 (Oahu) and 872-9592 (Maui), or visit www.alternateenergyhawaii.com.


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