We are lucky to live in Hawaii! Where else can you make improvements to your garden and home year-round?

Big Rock owners Bonnie Cooper and Brian Joy encourage you to turn your dreams into reality with the company’s naturally beautiful, lightweight cast stone manufactured at Big Rock, and the assortment of imported garden items it stocks.


Below are a few DIY garden improvements that are easy to do and inexpensive:

Japanese water gardens

Stone water basins, or tsukubai, were traditionally found in Japanese tea gardens and signify the synergy of man and nature. Water continuously flows into the stone bowl from a kakeki (bamboo pipe), fed by a submersible pump. No plumbing is required.

Simply dig a depression in the ground a little larger than the stone bowl and line the area with a 5-by-5-foot pond liner, available at Big Rock. Place the stone bowl on the pond liner. Place the tiny submersible pump behind the bowl. Camouflage the exposed liner with gravel and river rock. Stand the bamboo Kakehi (spout) behind the bowl, outside the liner. Attach the tubing from the bamboo to the pump. Fill the bowl and liner with water, and plug in. The price ranges from $165 to $550 (determined by stone bowl size), and the project takes a few hours.

Japanese bowl fountains


These pre-cast bowl fountains look like real rock but are “stonecast.” They weight little and come with the pump and bamboo attached. They can be used indoors or out, making them perfect for lanais. They are available in three sizes and designs, prices range from $300 to $450, and the project would only take a few minutes.


Big Rock carries more than a dozen lightweight pre-cast waterfalls. These range in size from three to seven feet high. The small ones are one-piece and have a pump. All of them look like rock and can be used in the garden, lanai or even the living room. The time it takes to set one of these up is only as long as it takes to unload it from your vehicle, fill it with water and plug it in. Waterfalls are an instant and magical addition to the garden. Prices range from $465 to $5,000, and the project could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

Big Rock moss rock paths

Big Rock invented these beautiful stepping stones in 1983. They look like natural Hawaiian stone and are available in assorted sizes and shapes, some with petroglyphs. Fiber reinforced concrete makes them strong enough for driveways, too. Simply set in a level bed of sand or soft earth, and use turf grass or small river rock in between.

Bamboo fountain kits


Turn any container into a tranquil fountain with our new bamboo fountain kits. From tiny to large, set on any bowl or container and just plug in. They are perfect for gifts, the office or the garden and are priced from $30 to $65.

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