Many homeowners have found the Country Manor Shake (CMS) roof system to be an innovative and cost-effective way to enhance the value and beauty of their homes. But the CMS roof may be an even better solution for a townhouse complex, subdivision or planned community, especially those that presently are covered with the aging asphalt composition “rent-a-roof.”

Asphalt roofs are unattractive and susceptible to weathering damage. They’re hot and require quite a bit of maintenance. They have to be replaced every 15 years, on average, regardless of what the warranty claims, and they double in price every 10 to 15 years. So, even though they appear to be low-cost, they’re actually one of the more expensive re-roof choices you can make.


Townhouse owners at Mililani Pinnacle and Wailea Elua Village found that one of the best ways to save money while adding real value to their complexes was to upgrade their deteriorating roofs with the Country Manor Shake roof system and have it installed by Aluminum Shake Roofing Inc. (ASR). The company has re-roofed more than a dozen complexes on four islands and has a reputation for getting the job done — on time and on budget. ASR can even set up a payment schedule in which customers don’t have to put up a lot of cash before the work is actually done.

You get the look of beautiful, hand-split cedar shakes without the drawbacks (see photos). Cool, rust-free aluminum will never rot or blow off; it can be walked on without special knowledge and the roof has the highest fire rating required by the building code. The finish is warranted to never come off and even fade is limited to a very small amount for 30 years. Most of the time, the CMS roof can be installed right over a conventional roof, which saves the time and expense of a tear-off and keeps the old roof out of the landfill.

Call Fred Rehm of Aluminum Shake Roofing Inc. at 383-8020 and he’ll come out to your complex and prepare a detailed plan and proposal to get the work done. He’ll meet with your board and answer all of its questions. He has the experience and integrity to get the job done right.


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