When a home is well maintained, it can last a lifetime and beyond. It can become an appreciating asset contributing to the financial stability of the owner and future generations.

Homeworks CEO Jim Byxbee, past president of the Building Industry Association, can attest to the efficacy of good maintenance — he grew up in a 150-year-old home in Connecticut.


During his 20 years as a general contractor in Hawaii, he has seen the results of neglect in homes the company has remodeled or rebuilt.

“I personally handle demolition for the company,” Byxbee said, “and I’m always amazed to see the extent to which even newer homes in Hawaii can be undermined when not properly maintained.

“The No. 1 offender is termites … people need to be alert to signs of infestation and take advantage of periodic complimentary inspections,” Byxbee said.


“It’s also important to inspect for water infiltration … be sure gutters and drains work properly. Water settling on or near a house causes rot, attracts termites and can even lead to fire if the electrical system is compromised. Water seeping through tile in floors, counters and walls causes mold buildup that can be difficult and costly to eliminate.

“If a house starts to sag or shift, find the cause and correct it as soon as possible. There can be many reasons for this … settling of the foundation due to poor drainage being one. Homeworks has reinforced the foundation and jacked up numerous houses in Oahu’s older neighborhoods. Like most problems, if handled early you avoid more-costly solutions down the road.

“I suggest making a checklist and doing a home ‘walk-through’ annually,” Byxbee added.

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