Since opening its doors in 2007, Golden Cabinets & Stone has gained a reputation for offering quality, affordable cabinetry and countertops to Hawaii’s consumers. Owner Wayne Cao noticed how expensive it had become to purchase cabinets in Hawaii and sought to bring more affordable options to residents looking to either build from scratch or remodel existing spaces.

“When we transform a client’s outdated kitchen into a new, more functional kitchen, it is most satisfying seeing their face and hearing how much their whole family enjoys this new element in their home,” Cao said.

Cao also noted that Golden Cabinets & Stone is fully stocked with inventory, and “plenty of choices” are available for everything from cabinetry and countertops to hardware, including handles for an attractive yet functional touch.


Golden Cabinets & Stone now has a larger space at its new Kalihi-Palama location, where it offers a multitude of cabinetry in addition to 50 varieties of countertops, 30 choices of sinks and high-quality tile varieties — a perfect combination when renovating a bathroom or kitchen. Other cabinetry possibilities include modifying office areas, adding closets or sprucing up a garage or lanai with various storage elements.

The company offers seven wood selections that are used in designing cabinetry. The cabinets are constructed from solid wood doors and plywood boxes, and provide customers with unsurpassed quality not available from competitors that offer particle or press-board cabinetry.

Luxurious Cherry is a fine-grain wood that features a smooth texture and satiny feel. The option closely resembles coveted Koa wood’s appearance and is usually finished with a medium or dark stain to bring out the wood’s mahogany-red tones. Cherry is integral in defining the Shaker, Mission and country-style cabinets offered by the company.

Other styles of Cherry wood include Royal Cherry — the company’s top-of-the-line wood option — as well as Golden Cherry, Brown Cherry and Flat Alder.


Honey Maple is another popular choice among buyers looking for a hard wood that can provide the perfect combination of durability and beauty. White Oak helps brighten a room, as the wood’s white stain and lacquered finish last longer than paint.

In addition to the wood choices available, Golden Cabinets & Stone also offers multiple elements of customization, including 30and 40-inch wall cabinets as well as the option of including glass panels as an added artistic element. Special orders are welcomed, and if customers bring in the measurements for their desired cabinetry, Golden Cabinets & Stone can create a 3D computer rendering of what the finished product will look like.

For granite countertops, the company has many choices such as Verde Butterfly, Imperial Gold, Emerald Green, Kashmir White, Yellow Rose and much more. For quartz counter-tops, Golden Cabinets & Stone carries five choice: white, black, coffee, green and blue. These are in-stock and reasonably priced.

Whether you’re looking to finish a rental property or revamp your kitchen, the company’s competitive pricing saves you time and money, and gives you high-quality products.


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