While the grouting process is often overlooked as a minor formality, failure to properly seal ceramic tile, and the faults stemming from using inferior grout, can lead to a tremendous waste of time and expense down the road.

According to American Carpet One installation manager Larry Marvel, ceramic/porcelain/natural stone tile grout makes up approximately five percent of a construction job, but fallbacks down the line stemming from its application account for roughly 95 percent of problems related to the project. Power Grout, a ceramic tile grout created by TEC, is touted by Marvel as a surefire solution to all grouting needs, and American Carpet One proudly offers the product in multiple sizes and colors to its customers.


“Power Grout is the ultimate performance grout,” said Marvel. “It’s made from a breakthrough formulation that provides the benefits of urethane and epoxy, but without the drawbacks. It provides a fast, trouble-free installation with permanent, stainand crack-resistant properties and perfect color consistency, whether installed by a novice or experienced pro. And it’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty.”

The ease of installation and immense benefits make Power Grout a perfect solution for any job, whether residential or commercial, interior or exterior and on walls or floors. The product has drawn rave reviews for its color consistency, ability to fend off pesky mold and mildew and durability over time amidst heat and moist climates.

“We think it’s perfect for Hawaii and our customers, and I wish they had it when my own shower was installed,” Marvel said. “It isn’t like having to install a urethane or epoxy grout; it’s very easy to apply.”


Another time-saving characteristic of Power Grout is the product’s one-time application that is perfect for grouting a new project or re-grouting an existing area of a residential or commercial space. In contrast to competing products, Power Grout does not need to be sealed and re-sealed, and it is able to handle traffic in four hours and shower use in 24 hours.

“It’s a single formula, and all you do is add water, mix and go,” Marvel said. “It’s an amazing product. If you combine the cost of traditional grouts with sealers and the time and waiting involved in the extra application steps, there’s no cost comparison, and Power Grout saves you money in the end.”

Power Grout is part of American Carpet One’s new TEC Installation System. This is a full tile installation system that addresses all needs from crack isolation to moisture membranes and finishes with Power Grout.


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