Have you struggled with hard water stains in your toilet? More than 85 percent of American homes have hard water. For most people in Hawaii, hard water is a problem with no easy solution. Water described as “hard” is high in dissolved minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium. As water moves through our pipes, it dissolves very small amounts of minerals and holds them in solution. The degree of hardness becomes greater as the calcium and magnesium content increases. To make matters worse, these minerals are naturally attracted to the pores in the glaze where they re-deposit and harden, causing a hard water stain.

The Bathroom Store (TBSHI) is proud to be the first in Hawaii to offer the new TOTO® Washlet S350e and S300e with eWater+ technology. These washlets introduce the use of electrolyzed water designed to make the toilet bowl easier to clean. The S350e and S300e use only the home’s incoming water supply and TOTO’s® patented technological process. The eWater+ is applied to the bowl after every flush and once every eight hours when not in use. A pre-misting of plain water further enhances bowl cleanliness by sealing the surface against the adherence of matter approximately 80 percent better than dry porcelain.


This product helps you and the environment by saving time and money spent cleaning with harsh chemicals.

The S350e and S300e can be installed on virtually any existing toilet. This dynamic duo transforms even the most modest toilet into a luxurious warm-water personal cleansing unit. Their instantaneous water heater enables gentle front-and back-aerated warm-water spray that can be regulated for preferred water pressure and temperature. The additional features include a built-in air purifying system, Wonderwave spray technology with both oscillating and pulsating water massages, heated SoftClose seat, a warm air dryer and a night light feature for added safety and security. All of these features are operated from an easy-to-read, illuminated touch-pad control that memorizes two users’ unique personal preferences and is stored in a handy wall-mount magnetic cradle.

In addition to these two new washlets, TBSHI is proud to introduce The New G500, the first personal cleansing system on a sleek, compact sensor-operated toilet with a 1.28gpf/0.9 gpf Dual-Max Cyclone flushing system. The Dual-Max Cyclone system combines superior cyclone bowl-cleansing action with a SanaGloss nanotechnology glaze to improve bowl sanitation and reduce the need to clean, which saves money and water.

Look for more new and innovative products at The Bathroom Store. You can contact the company by calling 843-2005, visiting www.tbshi.com or emailing info@tbshi.com. You can also visit the showroom, located at 985 Dillingham Blvd.



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