Almost everyone in Hawaii has minerals such as calcium and magnesium in their water that make it “hard.” Hard water causes several problems, mainly the buildup of limescale.

Minerals precipitate out of hard water and build up on the inside of pipes, water heaters, water-using kitchen appliances — such as dishwashers and coffee makers — hot tubs, solar water heaters, swimming pool heaters and more. Limescale reduces the flow of water through the plumbing until the pipes are completely clogged. The minerals also are a poor conductor of heat, so it takes what seems like forever for hot water to come out of the tap.


Hard water also is the culprit of the sticky scum on shower doors. It reduces the ability of soap to lather, reacting with the soap to form spotting.

In searching for a solution, Nano Tek-On director Harald von Sydow explained that there are several ways to combat hard water, some more effectively than others. For example, filtration in sink taps and refrigerators improves the taste of water, but doesn’t stop limescale buildup. Packaged chemicals soften the water in washing machine loads, but again, that’s just one small solution — the rest of your hard water problems still exist, and besides being hard on clothes, hard water chemicals are harmful to the environment.

You can buy an expensive water softener to run water through. It will remove the minerals from the water by using salt, which is a health concern to many and something you continually have to replace, adding expenses without removing the buildup you already have. This is a costly Band-Aid approach.


“There is another solution,” said Von Sydow. “HydroFlow is an economical little unit that clips on to the plumbing and will immediately begin reversing limescale buildup.”

When a HydroFlow unit is installed, randomly varying electric fields are introduced to the water throughout the entire plumbing system, breaking up corrosion and limescale precipitates. The suspended particles wash away in the flow. HydroFlow normally dissolves existing scale in just a few months. It is consistently effective, reliable and maintenance-free. There is nothing extra to buy and no salt. The water tastes great, and the unit will quickly pay for itself in energy and water savings.

Although it is hidden from view, HydroFlow has an ‘activity’ light to let you know that it is working 24/7. Ask von Sydow to show you a cross-section of a limescale-clogged pipe next to one that has been cleared with HydroFlow. It’s incredible that something so small can clear out the pipes in your home. No more limescale, no more waiting for hot water. It keeps shower doors spot-free with minimal maintenance, and it is environmentally friendly and chemical-free.


Unlike roaches, limescale problems don’t have to be a normal part of living in Hawaii. You can take action now and get rid of it.

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