America has become a nation of foodies, and Hawaii is no exception. Thousands of Islanders tune into TV shows such as “Top Chef” and fantasize about eating the delicious dishes being prepared. Some even become inspired to amp up their own culinary skills and start creating their own unique meals.


Of course, the more time you spend cooking means more time spent in your kitchen. And if you are going to be spending more time in your kitchen, you might as well make it a pleasant place to be.

A custom-built or remodeled kitchen can add functionality as well as eye-catching appeal. A new kitchen also can reflect an aspiring chef’s personality.

“We really love the projects that allow us to be creative and resonate with the homeowners,” said Alex Butchart of Highline Kitchen Systems. “Owners and their guests will end up talking about the specialties and differences that make their kitchens special just for them.” And Highline isn’t just about kitchens. It also offers complete bathroom design services.


Butchart is a certified kitchen designer with nearly two decades of experience in designing kitchens. His Highline Kitchen Systems has become an award-winning firm renowned for using the latest high-quality products and eye-catching designs. Highline’s showroom features products from Pacific Design, DeWils Industries, Sub-Zero, Fisher Paykel and Bosch.

One of the newest products on the market is the steam convection oven. “It combines the speed and baking capabilities of convection cooking while introducing steam to keep food moist and flavorful,” said Butchart. “We have a working Wolf Steam Oven in our showroom to demonstrate the advantages of this cooking technique, and we invite the consumers to stop in for a hands-on look at this fantastic oven.”

The important thing for Alex Butchart and Highline Kitchen Systems is making sure their projects reflect the needs and personalities of their customers. “Where the client’s budget allows, we try to be creative and innovative with our designs, cabinet style(s) and finishes,” said Butchart. “Our goals are to provide attractive, innovative and functional kitchens and baths that enhance the home, create a more functional space for the clients and align with our clients’ personality.”

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