While concrete is often hidden as an unfinished base layer, the sturdy multi-functional material can actually create problems when its surfaces are exposed.

When concrete is used in lanais, walkways, basements and garages, its rough finish can create hazards, as well as hassles for home or business owners that need to clean the surface, which easily snags and collects dirt and grime. Conversely, if concrete is finished too finely, it can become dangerously slippery when wet — especially in Hawaii’s moist climate.


Lokahi Garage Experts and its parent company Lokahi Stone Inc. have spent the past decade making concrete look beautiful, while still remaining functional. From crafting exquisite concrete countertops to diamond polishing concrete floors and installing decorative epoxy coatings over concrete, the company stands strong as an expert in the decorative concrete business.

When treating garage floors, Lokahi Garage Experts uses mechanical preparation and a proprietary “wicking” liquid epoxy that, as president Jamie McGuire explained, “Penetrates into the mechanically prepared concrete below,” and is three times more adhesive than other epoxies available to the public. Following the liquid epoxy application, dry epoxy flakes are then “broadcast” atop the base layer to create a terrazzo-looking finish. Then, another two-part clear epoxy finish is added to seal the finished floor, protecting it from damage, chemicals, hot-tire marks and moisture — “it’s bulletproof stuff,” McGuire said.

“Many of us have garages that have dusting and damaged concrete floors. Many of us also have garages that have been turned into an Ad-hoc storage unit filled with items that we rarely use,” added McGuire. “By turning a garage into a finished area, you don’t have to worry about dusting concrete anymore — our floors are completely washable. And, they enhance the property value as well.”


In addition to installing premium garage floor coatings, Lokahi Garage Experts is also adept at beautifying a home or business’ entire garage, including installing storage cabinets and slat-wall storage. The added touches made possible by the company’s well-tuned experts allow garages to take on unmatched beauty while also retaining functionality.

“Lokahi’s garage enhancement services are a great way to improve your property without buying or building something new,” McGuire explained. “Nine times out of ten, potential buyers will see a finished garage and choose to buy that property over a property without a garage enhancement.”

As another added bonus, Lokahi Garage Experts’ coatings are very low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), making them family-friendly. Millions of square feet of Garage Experts Epoxy have been installed in homes over the past decade without fail. The exceptional performance of the products as well as the unsurpassed experience held by the professional installers has led the manufacturer to offer consumers a material lifetime warranty against peeling or delaminating from the existing concrete floor.


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