Let Discount Windows & Doors strengthen your home against one of the greatest threats to life and property: hurricanes.

As the past has shown, the Hawaiian Islands are not safe from destruction caused by these deadly storms. Our tropical waters and warm, moist atmosphere are a lethal recipe for a hurricane. In fact, the chances of one hitting Hawaii are rapidly increasing as ocean temperatures escalate because of global warming. Even with technological advances, there is still no way to know when a hurricane will hit and how much damage it will cause.


In 1992, Hawaii was hit with the most devastating hurricane it had ever experienced, Hurricane Iniki. An estimated 130 mile per hour winds hit the coast of Kauai, causing nearly $3 billion in damage. More than 14,000 homes and apartments were damaged or destroyed and six deaths were recorded.

A decade earlier, Hurricane Iwa caused $250 million in damage. More than 7,426 houses and apartments statewide, and 30 percent on Kauai alone, were affected or destroyed.

The future of hurricanes in Hawaii

According to Oahu Civil Defense, based on past experience, if a storm as strong as Iwa strikes any of the Islands: 12 percent of homes and apartments could be destroyed, 38 percent of homes and apartments could be heavily damaged and an additional 40 percent will probably have minor damage.


Increased since 2007, Hawaii is now designated as a 105 miles per hour wind zone, which is equivalent to a “Category 2” hurricane. There are plans to increase this figure. A combination of the increased wind zone and the dangers posed by hurricanes has prompted the Hawaii State Building Commission to adopt new building codes. These codes require high-performance windows and doors that can resist hurricane-force winds and the impact of flying debris.

Discount Windows & Doors has the expertise and product selection to ensure that you will not only meet, but exceed new building codes. The company’s Makai Range of windows and doors is tested in winds exceeding 180 miles per hour, the equivalent of a “Category 5” hurricane.

Discount Windows & Doors also offers a wide range of aluminum hurricane-proof products. Hurricane-proof windows and doors must pass stringent tests to be certified.The glass must withstand the impact of a 2-inch by 4-inch beam fired from a testing cannon at 52 feet per second — not once, but twice. Afterwards, the glass must remain in the frame while subjected to 4,500 cycles of positive/negative air pressure, up to -175 psf.


The company is your source for window and door needs in Hawaii, whether it be a vinyl residential window or heavy-impact, hurricane-proof door.

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Much of this three-story house disappeared following Hurricane Andrew, although its hurricane-proof windows and doors remained intact.