Here’s the dirt on how homeowners can make window washing a relatively “pane”-free experience

When it comes to keeping your windows clean, the secret doesn’t have much to do with the cleaning. It’s what happens in between cleanings that really counts. The solution is often very simple: Avoid dirt.

For starters, think about the area outside your windows. What does your landscaping look like? Many trees, bushes and flowers give off pollen. When the wind blows, it carries the pollen through the air, and if your windows are nearby, that’s just where they will end up. You also want to be mindful of plants that need watering. Water splatters and hard water leaves mineral deposits.


But it’s not just landscaping that you should pay attention to. Where do you keep your grill? If it’s close to your windows, you may be inviting things like grease, oil and sauce to stick around where they’re not wanted.

And remember not to ignore your screens. If you have exterior-mounted screens, clean them when you clean your windows. These screens often trap dust and pollen. When it rains, the dirt washes onto your windows — and stays there until you clean it off.

Another solution may lie in the windows themselves. Some products use a material that actually prevents window spotting. For example, Anlin™ double-hung windows have this feature. The manufacturers coat the glass with thin layers of silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide. The coating fills in the natural peaks and valleys that are inherent in all glass, and creates an incredibly smooth surface that allows rain to sheet away rather than bead and leave spots. The material is also formulated to react with UV rays to decompose organic materials on the glass.

As an added bonus, both panes of the window can be folded in. This makes cleaning much safer and easier because it allows you to clean the outside of the window and screens from inside your home. No need for ladders for upper-floor windows. You can find Anlin™ products at Windows Hawaii.