Are you thinking about investing in a solar PV system for your home? With electricity costs continuing to rise, more and more of Hawaii’s homeowners are using solar technology to reduce or virtually eliminate their electricity bill and lessen their impact on the environment. The decision is an easy one to make once you have the right information. Hawaii has year-round sunshine, substantial tax credits and record-breaking electricity rates, making PV systems an intelligent economic course of action.

Let’s begin by looking at the history of solar energy. In 1839, Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered that certain materials produced a small amount of electric current when exposed to light. Then in 1876, William Grylls Adams discovered that selenium produced electricity when exposed to light. Selenium photovoltaic cells were able to convert light to electricity at 1-2 percent efficiency. It wasn’t until 1954, when Bell Laboratory patented the use of silicon-based solar cells as a way to make electricity from sunlight, that our modern photovoltaic (PV) cell was born.


Efficiency levels approached 10 percent in the 1960s as the world began to look at renewable energy, and by the 1980s, PV cells were being made from various types of materials such as copper sulfide. Fast forward by adding in tax incentives and advances in manufacturing technology and we come to today’s systems, which the experts at KM Electrical Services Inc. (KM) will install for you.

The specialists at KM Electrical Services Inc. will personally meet with you to assess your electrical needs and determine which solar PV product will work best for your home. KM has more than 16 years of experience working with the Honolulu Building Department, the permitting process, the inspectors, HECO, etc. No permit can be issued unless a licensed electrical contractor signs off on the project, so KM is your ideal partner from start to finish on any PV system.

Remember, the systems currently installed project a return on investment in roughly three and a half years. As a general rule, the systems come with 25-year warranties and after that period, they will still provide at least 80 percent of the original energy production. This makes photovoltaic systems the smart choice now for your energy needs.


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