During his frequent visits to job sites, Aluminum Shake Roofing Inc. (ASR) owner Fred Rehm will often be out front talking with the owner of a home being re-roofed with Country Manor Shakes (CMS), and just then, a smiling neighbor will approach and congratulate the homeowner for his or her roof system choice and the contractor he or she chose to install it.

On one such occasion, an impressed neighbor said to Rehm and a homeowner, “Wow, that’s a good looking roof! I’m really impressed at what that roof does for your home, and for the entire neighborhood for that matter. Is it really aluminum? I believe those workers must be artists seeing how gorgeous the roof looks!”


Usually by this time, the old roof will have been torn off and hauled away (although, many times the CMS roof can be installed right over the old one), and a new treated-plywood roof deck will have been securely hand nailed over the old-spaced sheathing and a tough and weather-tight Sharkskin Ultra polypropylene underlayment will have been installed over the plywood. The job site will be neat and clean, and the installers for ASR, led by Jeffrey and Eric, will efficiently and professionally bring up the new CMS aluminum roof toward the ridge.

Sometimes, if ASR is re-roofing a multi-family project, a couple of buildings may have been completed and a Home Owners Association board member will come over to say how relieved he and the other board members are about their decision to contract with ASR for the re-roof project, and how they have received nothing but rave reviews on how nice the buildings look with their new CMS roofs, how safe they now feel or how much cooler the interiors are.

Country Manor Shake, developed by Alcoa, is now manufactured by Classic Metal Roofing Systems of Piqua, Ohio. The CMS-engineered roof system comes in a wide variety of colors and textures and is a quiet, fire-safe, weather-tight and completely walkable roof with a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty, which includes 100 percent of the cost of both materials and replacement labor.

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