Alternate Energy Hawaii (AEI) recently completed a photo-voltaic (PV) installation for the Hawk family in Manoa. Customer Aubrey Hawk sent the company this note:

Dear AEI,


I wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our new PV solar system from Alternate Energy.

Our family had been struggling with our electric bills. Over the last few years, we had done everything we could to reduce our usage. We rarely used AC. We installed a solar water heater and then hooked our downstairs tenants’ hot water line into that. We replaced our washer and dryer with high-efficiency appliances. We moved a chest freezer out of its sunny location into the shade. We even built a clothes line! Despite our efforts, our bills kept climbing each month. I felt really helpless and frustrated.

The last straw was when I received an electric bill approaching $400. It was time to make the switch to solar. This was a big investment for our family. I did a lot of research and decided to go with AEI. While price was certainly a consideration for us (AEI somewhere in the middle), we were certain AEI was the right choice when we researched product, licensing and company history.


Being able to purchase the Mitsubishi panels — a top product from a trusted, time-honored manufacturer — via a certified Mitsubishi Elite Dealer gave us peace of mind in this relatively new field. We knew this company was not only making the best product, but would be around for a long time to honor its warranty.

We also learned that AEI techs hold the state’s highest certifications. In particular, we got to know your owner and founder, Bruce Ekimura, who holds a Journeyman Plumber license and a Hawaii Solar Power Systems Contractor license, which covers both solar water heating and photovoltaic systems. We were gratified to learn that Bruce and his team have been solar energy experts in Hawaii since the 1970s. The installation crew was courteous and professional, all employed by Alternate Energy and not just subcontractors.

Our installation was completed in July. We have just received our first post-install HECO bill — only $18! We love you, AEI!


With aloha,

The Hawk family, Manoa