Summer may have come and gone, but here in Hawaii we can still count on plenty of sunshine. For savvy homeowners, all this sun translates to cheaper utility bills.

By installing photovoltaic systems, better known as solar panels, your electric bill can often drop down to nothing except for the standard HECO surcharge. There are also federal and state tax benefits for making the switch to solar energy.


K Schenk Electric recently began offering solar energy panels. “I’m excited about the photovoltaic systems that we have started installing,” said the company’s owner, Kaulana Schenk. “Going green really benefits the owner and Mother Nature.”

Founded in 2008, K Schenk Electric is a locally owned and operated firm specializing in residential and commercial projects. “We are a small company without a big overhead,” said Schenk. “Our staff is very knowledgeable and certified.

Not only do we know our electrical, the staff and I really know how to work with our clients. We are always willing to talk and find the safest route when making electrical decisions. We can also suggest options when clients are on a budget.” K. Schenk Electric is offering a 10 percent discount on a full-house rewire now through October. A rewire can be a great option for homeowners who have installed photo-voltaic systems, since it can help to best utilize all the new power coming in from the solar panels. Upgrading and rewiring your home’s electrical system offers safety benefits as well, especially for homes that are 40 years old or older. “This discount will allow homeowners to prepare for the holidays and know their house is safe,” said Schenk.

Besides rewiring and photovoltaic systems, K Schenk Electric provides a wide range of services for homeowners, ranging from renovations and electrical upgrades to general troubleshooting. They also work with businesses including renovations, remodels, new construction and rental-unit maintenance.


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