There are hundreds of photovoltaic (PV) companies today selling systems across the state. Some claim to have the best service, some claim to have the best prices, and some claim to have the best products. Of course, those are all very important qualities to look for in a PV installer. But EnergyPro Hawaii has taken it one step further by priding itself as a company that also delivers results and the bottom line is, results are what every consumer should be looking for.

In April 2012, Kaimuki residents Dan and Donna Shimabuku enlisted the help of EnergyPro Hawaii to aid in reducing their rising electrical costs. Plagued with an average electric bill of more than $500 a month, they were in dire need of a cost-cutting solution. After evaluating their bill and monthly energy usage, EnergyPro Hawaii proposed a Solar Hot Water System and 35-Panel PV System. Fast-forward four months to August 2012, their HECO bill has dropped to the bare minimum of $16 a month.


“When I received a bill of $16 from HECO, I was literally blown away,” exclaimed Donna. “I couldn’t wait to tell all my friends and neighbors.”

In similar fashion, Bruce and Wendy Shewalter of Wilhelmina were also experiencing high electrical usage and sought out EnergyPro Hawaii to assist in reducing their monthly HECO bill. “My wife and I had been looking to install a PV system since our bill had been as high as $800,” said Bruce. “We called John Emery of EnergyPro Hawaii, and he delivered for us. Our current bill has dropped to the minimum charge from HECO.”

But there are also residents who consume far less electricity than the Shimabukus and Shewalters. In May, the Maeshiro family in Aiea had an average bill of about $180 and also decided that it would be a wise decision to take advantage of the available state and federal tax credits, and went forward in having a PV system installed. Mrs. Maeshiro went on to say, “The results were amazing and it was very hard to believe that our bill could be so low.”

“We solve challenges,” said owner and president John Emery. “That has been our motto from day one. Certain situations call for creative and innovative solutions, and we specialize in finding them for our customers.”


The results speak for themselves. EnergyPro Hawaii has been very successful in finding and creating solutions for residents across Oahu. From start to finish, its projects entail City & County permitting, HECO Net Energy Metering agreements, HOA approvals, Enphase Energy monitoring, financing options and everything in between. And with the latest panels from Samsung, EnergyPro Hawaii has created the perfect setup with Enphase’s M215 Microinverter.

So if you are in the market for a PV system, give EnergyPro Hawaii a call today at 596-2890. You can also visit the company online at or at

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