Some things get better with age. Other things, like your roof, do not. When installed properly, your roof should be water-tight and worry-free for years. Homeowners should inspect their roofs every few months, especially after heavy wind or rainstorms. Signs to look for are loose tiles or shingles, water marks on the ceiling from leaks or gutters that don’t drain properly.

During the last 25 percent of your roof ‘s lifetime, you’ll typically see more reasons to call a roofing company like Murakami’s Roofing. Call 348-8270 for a free inspection by an experienced professional. Murakami’s will do a thorough inspection, provide a written estimate and answer all your questions. If you think of more, don’t hesitate to ask.


Clinton Murakami, who has more than 25 years of roofing experience, resets his goal every day to “build confidence into every roof.” That means when you go to bed and it’s raining buckets, you’ll be able to sleep with no worries and no raindrops inside the house.

Rest easy and get your roof checked

Checking your roof now is a great way to protect your home before the rains come. Check out Murakami’s Roofing on the Web at for special offers and information about its small equipment rentals. If you need a mini-excavator or loader, the company has a great selection for jobs in tight spaces. It also offers island-wide delivery.

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