When it comes to construction, standard materials can differ from one contractor to another. The selection of materials can make the difference not only in the cost of construction when it comes time to build, but also in the cost of maintenance and the lifespan of the products in your new home improvement project. Atlas Construction Inc. believes that building designs should be low-maintenance and have a long lifespan.

The variation in building materials not only lies in the material itself, but also in the different levels of quality within each item. One example is granite countertops. You have probably seen them offered at a low price in the classified ads, but did you know that there are different levels of granite and that the grade of the material highly influences the cost? Atlas Construction uses grade-A granite as its standard material for all of its projects. The company also maintains a high-level grade of materials as its standard for all of its building items.


When you use an inferior grade of a building material for your standard components, the initial construction cost is lowered. When you do this throughout the whole project, the overall contract price becomes lower as well. Problems arise over time, however, and maintenance costs will increase as the lifespan of your project decreases. This means that each component made with a sub-standard grade of material needs to be either repaired or replaced. The overall cost becomes higher for your construction project.

Atlas Construction uses a high to medium-high grade of components throughout its building designs. This gives homeowners the added value of knowing that their construction project is built to last, low maintenance and made with building materials that will have a long lifespan.

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