As American Carpet One celebrates its 38th anniversary as a locally owned and operated full-service home floor and design center, the company continues to rely on a basic principle that, like its many flooring products, withstands the tests of time.

“We don’t just sell flooring, we build relationships in the community,” said American Carpet One sales manager Aaron Okamoto. “We make friends, and that’s what it’s all about: building relationships.”


The company benefits from its involvement with the Carpet One Co-Operative, which is the seventh largest cooperative in the world and includes roughly 950 other locally owned and operated stores across the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Guam. According to Okamoto, collectively last year, the co-operative generated more than $3.8 billion in floor-covering purchases, and the resulting savings are passed on to the customers.

“We’re a Stainmaster Flooring Center, one of 200 nationwide, giving us exclusivity on the products and services,” said Okamoto when describing the coveted combination of quality and value American Carpet One offers through its vast network of vendors. “Stainmaster recently re-branded their whole collection, and they’re now offering lifetime warranties. We’re the only ones with the Ultra Life Advantage, which gives us a warranty on all products.”

American Carpet One also offers one of the most popular flooring options on the market in Karndean — a vinyl floor covering billed as “The Perfect Floor.” The flooring type is a Luxury Vinyl Tile, the fastest growing floor covering category in the world. As Okamoto explained, “It’s a pure version, virgin vinyl that provides a stain-resistant flooring option. We introduced it to the state in 2004 and have been going gangbusters with it ever since. The product fits with our island lifestyle. It’s made out of the same material as Clorox bottles — if it can handle those chemicals, then anything can go on top of it.


“When installed properly, it makes your floor pretty much water-resistant, so in the event of flooding, it will survive and the water will not seep under,” said Okamoto. “Anytime wood, laminate or carpet gets damaged, you need to rip it out, throw it away and start again. This is one floor that will survive for you, and termites haven’t figured out how to eat it yet, so we’re calling it the perfect floor. The design applications are endless.”

Karndean is available as a floating loose lay vinyl, meaning there’s no “click system” or glue. The installer simply lays it down — the perfect do-it-yourself option that’s as easy as cutting the product with a sharp utility knife.

“Karndean provides the look of wood but without all the headaches,” added Okamoto. “From a landlord or property management perspective, you’ll love this product because you’re not replacing it every three years like you do with carpet. It’s a one-time installation … and you’re going to feel the higher rental value because it just looks sharp. Everyone loves the wood and laminate look, but now you really can’t damage it. Commercially, it’s good for high-traffic areas, it’s easy to clean. There’s over 3 million square feet of this product installed in Walmart stores across the nation. It appeals to all consumer categories.”


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