If you’ve had wall-to-wall carpeting in your home for decades, you are not alone. Many Hawaii homeowners have kept their old carpeting well beyond its aesthetic life and even its practical life. This floor covering method, made popular during the post-war building boom of the 1950s, has had amazing longevity and is definitely a permanent part of the flooring landscape.

Shirley Pai Hilton of Pacific Imports International has found, however, that many homeowners are discovering there are some definite disadvantages to carpeting. Even with frequent shampooing and fastidious maintenance, stains and matting are inevitable as the years go by, and many carpets (and their pads) will even start to disintegrate with age, giving off toxic dust particles. So when it’s time to usher this old guest out of your home, what are the choices available?

As Hilton explained, there are literally dozens of forms that flooring alternatives can take, and then hundreds of products among those. “I like to sit down with my customers and carefully go over the various alternatives. Flooring is a big investment for every homeowner and you definitely want to research your choices and invest your money wisely.”


That is why Pacific Imports offers a monthly seminar entitled Wood and Stone Flooring 101. During the 90-minute session, Hilton will give you a fantastic education on wood, laminate, luxury vinyl tile, porcelain, ceramic and natural stone. She gives you tips on what to look for as you shop around, how your choices affect your budget and even some inside information on what to look for as you peer over your installer’s shoulder.

For example, during the seminar, Hilton discusses one of the primary hard surfaces that homeowners are opting for — wood flooring. Hilton said that there are many choices to consider, starting with the form that the wood takes: Will it be unfinished (sanded and coated in the home after tack down), or will it be one that has been prefinished in the factory? Will it be a solid (whole pieces of wood), or should it be an engineered wood floor (top layer of species of choice that has been glued onto a special plywood)? Will it be nailed, glued or floated over the subfloor?

Ceramic, porcelain and natural stone are also very important topics as most homeowners will definitely select one of these for their bathrooms and laundry areas. Luxury vinyl tiles, or LVTs, are very hot, according to Hilton. Offering a variety of looks in a format that is moisture-resistant and quick to install, this can be a budget-friendly alternative. And in spite of its shortcomings, carpeting is still a cozy comfort for many bedrooms or a mandate for certain condominium dwellers.

Hilton offers a private special discount only to those who attend this seminar. The next session will be held Saturday, Aug. 18 at 10 a.m. at the showroom located at 926 Kohou St. in Kalihi. Seating is limited. Call 847-7711 for reservations.


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