Is it time to replace your worn-out windows with new Anlin windows? Here are five things to consider:

1. Security. Jalousie windows are the easiest type of window to break into. It only takes minutes for a thief to remove the glass and break into your home. Anlin windows have passed the stringent California Forced Entry (CFE) requirements. They come with a tamper-proof cam-lock system and are the most secure windows on the market.

2. Comfort. Anlin windows are dual-pane with infinite energy barriers. They will keep heat and harmful ultraviolet light reflected away from your home, resulting in a cooler space. If you have air conditioning, you can save up to 35 percent of your energy bill each month. They also filter out 95 percent of ultraviolet light, which fades your furniture, carpet and artwork.

3. Privacy/appearance. New Anlin windows give your house a new home look and increase the value of it the day they are installed. We have six types of obscure/frosted glass that will give your home a distinctive look, and give you privacy without the need for curtains or window coverings. They come in any style.

4. Maintenance free. Anlin windows come with a lifetime installation warranty. This covers not only the windows themselves, but the installation as well. If one of the windows leaks in 15 years, call Windows Hawaii and its service department will repair or replace it at no cost. The marine-grade vinyl is easy to clean, guaranteed not to fade, crack or powder and great for Hawaii’s salty air. There’ll be no need to paint again, and the easy-clean glass will reduce the need to clean your windows.

5. Price. Windows Hawaii has installed more than 150,000 windows. It carries most major brands so that you can choose the window that is right for your home and budget. Its buying power and factory-direct purchasing gets the best quality for the lowest price. You pay when you are completely satisfied with your windows and the company’s installation. Windows Hawaii doesn’t use sub-contractors.

Make an investment in 2012 that improves the appearance and comfort of your home. Take advantage of sale pricing and the company’s unmatched warranty Call today for a free estimate/consultation.

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